Showreel and Vita

I am originally from Latvia, where I studied mathematics and programming and also worked in this field. My engagement in film started a little later, shortly after moving to Berlin in 2010. First with self-produced videos and short films. In 2017 I was accepted to the Filmakademie Wien. Since then I live and study film in Vienna. My interests include also photography.

You can look at the list of projects I've participated either below or in my CV: Vita 2021 (PDF)|Showcase (PDF - 5,5 MB)

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Since 2017 I am studying at the Filmakademie Wien. The training objective encompasses the positions of camera assistant, DIT, camera operator in a team, and both second unit and industrial film camera operator.

2021Cranberry JuiceShortAni NovakovicFilmakademie Wien
2019GeburtstagShortKristian MachtlingerFilmakademie Wien
2018Die MieterinShortKristian MachtlingerFilmakademie Wien
2018Ein HandwerkShort DocumentaryKristian MachtlingerFilmakademie Wien
2017Am LimitShortDmitrijs FjodorovsSelbstproduktion
2017Eine Geschichte im LichtShortDmitrijs FjodorovsSelbstproduktion
2017Are you still with me?ShortDmitrijs FjodorovsSelbstproduktion
2016Ganymed WeinbarCommertialDmitrijs FjodorovsSelbstproduktion
2016Bar à VinShortDmitrijs FjodorovsSelbstproduktion
2021Family DinnerFeature FilmGabriel KrajanekCapra Film, Film AGAssistant Lighting Technician
2020SPAR - Natur PurCommertialThomas Benescha film+co. classics2nd Assistant Camera
2020SPAR - StickermaniaCommertialThomas Benescha film+co. classics2nd Assistant Camera
2020Kelly’s ChipsCommertialThomas Benescha film+co. classics2nd Assistant Camera
2020Steh auf du Sau!ShortMaximilian SmolinerFilmakademie WienLighting Technician
2019InterwettenCommertialMartin HansmayrLemonpie FilmAssistant Lighting Technician
20195KHD - Crazy TalkMusic VideoPatrick WallyPiece of Cake Films1st Assistant Camera
2019Best Christmas Ball EverTV MovieLeigh Lisbão UnderwoodJewelLabs Pictures, The Global AsylumLighting Technician
2019Rotkäppchen sucht WolfShortPatrick WallyFilmakademie WienLighting Technician
2019Die GetriebenenTV MovieThomas BeneschRBB, Carte Blanche InternationalVideooperator
2019SPAR - Der Kampf gegen zu viel ZuckerCommertialThomas Benescha film+co. classics2nd Assistant Camera
2019RattenShortFlorian BayerFilmakademie WienDirector, Editor
2019Die AblösungShortRaphael DauFilmakademie WienHead Lighting Technician
2019Close Your EyesShortMichael Jordan VranaFilmakademie WienBest Boy
2019Der VortragShortLea SorgoFilmakademie Wien1st Assistant Camera
2018Das SpielShortFlorian BayerFilmakademie WienDirector, Editor
2018ErdäpfelschoelnShortAni NovakovicFilmakademie Wien1st Assistant Camera
2018Mein ganzes GlückShort DocumentaryShoshana StarkFilmakademie WienDirector, Editor
2018Nebelige TageShort DocumentaryKristian MachtlingerFilmakademie Wien1st Assistant Camera