About me


I am originally from Latvia, where I studied mathematics and programming and then worked in this field. Even back when I was studying at university, we often met with friends, watched various movies, analyzed them and even tried to write our own stories. The cinema was a passion for us. At that time, I also started to make photos.

Photography and film are two different worlds, but connected to each other. In both, the author can use the visual figures to tell a story. So my experiments have slowly led me to self-produced videos.

Then I felt that I had to change something in my life. First, I pained wallpaper in my apartment. That did not help. Then in 2010 I moved to Berlin. Even that did not help. And only then, shortly after the move, when I left programming and started with cinematography, I understood that this is that i need.

For me, the camera work means much more than just the “beautiful” pictures. This is the opportunity to tell a story. This story may point to a particular situation from an unusual perspective, may discuss the most current topics or designate the view of a particular problem. It can show inner conflict of the human and its world, handle important topics, or simply entertain the audience. And all with the help of the pictures. I believe that there are no “beautiful” pictures, there is only the story appropriate pictures. Every camera work has to visually support the storytelling and tell the story by itself.

In 2017 I was accepted at the Filmakademie Wien. Since then I live and study film in Vienna..

Born:1984, Latvia
Languages:Russian (native), German (C1 Goethe), English (good)
Driver’s license:No
Accommodation possibilities:Vienna, Berlin

You can look at the list of projects I’ve participated either hier or in my CV: Vita 2019 (PDF)|Showcase (PDF – 5,5 MB)


Since 2017 I am studying at the Filmakademie Wien. The training objective encompasses the positions of camera assistant, DIT, camera operator in a team, and both second unit and industrial film camera operator.

phone+49 176 2334 1905